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The Vitaris combicleaner is a complete cleaning system combining the functions of separator and combistoner. It cleans the grain by removing coarse, fine and light impurities, and divides the product stream into heavy and mixed fractions.

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Key benefits

Low installation costs

Each machine of the Vitaris cleaning system is pre-wired and only needs to be connected to one central point. This leads to a faster installation and results in lower cabling and installation costs.

Up to 15% less energy consumption

Energy consumption is reduced by up to 15% by using recirculated air and frequency converters. Operation with recirculated air requires up to 90% less air compared to fresh air operation.

Modular design for individual cleaning solutions

With Vitaris, Bühler offers a modular overall system for grain cleaning. The perfectly matched modules ensure maximum efficiency and sanitation at every step of the cleaning process.

Highlight features

Individual solutions through modularity

Vitaris cleaning system

Depending on the requirements, the Vitaris cleaning system can be flexibly combined with the air-recycling aspirator and/or the air-recycling aspiration channel.

Food-safe design and hygienic production

Maximized food safety

The highest food safety standards are maintained due to stainless steel sieves and FDA-approved plastic parts. The use of nails, felt or plush is completely avoided.

Easy operation and maintenance

Quick clamp system

The sieves are inserted into the machines quickly and reliably by means of a quick-clamp system. This accelerates sieve removal and replacement of the sieve plate when changing products or during maintenance.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

Efficient in every step of production

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