MTVA VEGA high capacity grain cleaner

MTVA VEGA high capacity grain cleaner – Efficient cleaning at high throughput.

- Great performance.
- Maximum flexibility.
- Easy operation and maintenance.
- Minimum operating costs.

MTVA VEGA high capacity grain cleaner

Used in conjunction with the air-recycling aspirator, the high capacity MTVA VEGA grain cleaner offers customers efficient cleaning or accurate grading for different kinds of grain. This provides the basis for consistent and superior end product quality. Strong performance with a minimum footprint.
End products with highest quality thanks to an accurate and efficient cleaning. VEGA requires minimum space and yet it delivers high throughput.

Maximum flexibility.
The MTVA can be operated either standing or suspended, offering options to meet any installation requirement. Bühler has an array of sieves and screen cleaners, giving maximum flexibility to customers.

Reduced operating costs.
Thanks to a modular system, the cleaner can be operated with an air-recycling aspirator, reducing energy consumption by 50%.

Easy operation and maintenance.
Bühler's grain cleaner is equipped with simple folding sieves which considerably speed up the change of screens and makes the sieves easily interchangeable. Sieves are easy to handle. The sieve modules can be opened from both sides allowing quick and easy removal. The external drive of the machine allows a quick change of the belts and other wearing parts.


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