UniMill – the all-rounder among beater mills.

- Wide range of applications
- Rugged and reliable
- High sanitation
- Easy maintenance


The wide variety of possible applications of the UniMill ranges from size reduction or grinding of cocoa shells, croquant, roasted hazelnuts and almonds, kibbled cocoa cake, and crumb to the liquefaction of pre-reduced cocoa mass blocks. This universal mill of Bühler can be operated as a stand-alone machine or be integrated in a production line. Depending on the specific product processed and the required degree of fineness, the throughput capacity ranges between 500 and 1000 kg/h. Flexibility thanks to product-specific customization.
  • Two rotor types and various screens are available for the UniMill. They enable the grinding process to be optimally matched to the end product.
  • Different applications are possible with this Bühler universal mill. This ensures a high level of flexibility.

Rugged design makes for reliable operation.
Thanks to its rugged design with durable machine components, this beater mill is highly dependable and offers extreme operating reliability.

High sanitation thanks to stainless materials.
The design has been GMP-tested and is characterized by it stainless steel machine housing. This guarantees top product purity.

Optimized design for fast maintenance.

  • The machine equipment includes a large cover that can be swung up and which is provided with a safety lock that allows fast and easy access. This enables the beater strips and screens to be exchanged within a short time – resulting in a low maintenance time requirement.
  • The beater strips are made of wear-resistant materials. Wear and tear can be optimized by simply turning them around – maximizing their service life.


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