UltraLine rice processing solutions

High capacity energy-efficient rice processing installations.

Introducing – UltraLine rice processing solutions
A technological triumph of modern rice processing for today’s mills. Driven by Bühler’s commitment to encouraging sustainable rice milling, the UltraLine portfolio ushers in a revolution in high capacity energy-efficient processing.
With three new machine innovations featuring all-new multiple international patents – SORTEX S UltraVision™, UltraWhite™ and UltraPoly™, UltraLine has been industry-proven to deliver unprecedented levels of processing capacity (up to 16 tons per hour) and premium product quality rice whilst driving down the processing cost per ton. Next generation rice milling has arrived.

Welcome to the future of sustainable rice processing.

SORTEX S UltraVision™ Optical Sorter
A first from Bühler – up to 6 module intelligent optical sorter featuring individual defect detection, Textured LED Lighting™ and Crosshair Targeting™ technology to provide the ultimate in sorting performance. All-new SORTEX ProSort™ software helps processors to deliver export quality rice in three simple steps.

UltraWhite™ DRWA Whitener
The UltraWhite™ delivers high capacity, energy-efficient performance with lower processing costs per ton to deliver uniformed whitening process whilst adhering to high hygienic processing requirements to deliver a premium quality rice finish.

UltraPoly™ DRPG Polisher
Delivering new standards and setting the benchmark in rice polishing - the UltraPoly™ offers processors a high capacity, energy-efficient and superior machine performance to deliver premium rice with a superior silky and smooth finish.

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A technological triumph of modern rice processing for today’s mills.
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