CompacTwin – a lean concept designed for a wide variety of applications.

- Separate preconditioner
- High throughput capacities – from 200 up to 8’000 kg/h
- Modular design for processing many different products
- Available in three sizes

Twin-Screw Extruder CompacTwin™

The twin-screw extruder CompacTwin™ completely fulfills process requirements such as elevated torque, screw speeds and process pressure. Thanks to its modular design, it can be used to process a wide variety of applications like breakfast cereals, snacks, food ingredients, texturized products, reconstituted rice, petfood and all types of aquafeed. CompacTwin™ – wide range of applications
The CompacTwin™ is based on proven Bühler extrusion technology. It incorporates newly developed components as well as existing elements from proven machine series. The extruder has been designed for a maximum process pressure of 150 bar and a temperature of 250 °C.

The extruder is available in three sizes: 62, 93 and 125 mm screw diameter with a throughput capacity up to 3000 kg/h for food applications and 8000 kg/h for feed applications. The modular design and the lean concept of the system enable particularly easy operation and maintenance in addition to highly sanitary operation.

The lean design of the CompacTwin™ is especially suitable for trouble-free production of high volumes of a given product and product formula. The functional control system of the extrusion system allows dependable production and enables easy selection of the production parameters of the feeder, preconditioner, and extruder.

Design allowing flexible expansion
The proven cutter, which can be moved to the side, enables the operator to exchange the knife head even during ongoing operation, which ensures a consistently high quality of the end products. The attachable hydraulic screw extraction device allows smooth removal of the shafts.

The barrel is newly designed. Wear elements in these barrels are easy to exchange. As a standard, the two-piece barrel is with tempering bores. The barrel of the process unit will be heated or cooled by a separate temperature control unit.

Depending on the application there is a choice between a single- or a double-stage preconditioner.

*The CompacTwin™ is not available in the US and Europe.

Twin-Screw Extruder

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