Trough belt conveyor LBBA

Trough belt conveyor LBBA – Efficient conveying at low throughput rates.

- Easy maintenance
- High efficiency
- High operating safety
- Gentle handling

Trough belt conveyor LBBA

Trough belt conveyors are mainly used in small or medium-sized plants with a maximum capacity of 200 t/h where, first of all, the economic and flexible transport over short distances up to 60 meters plays an important part. The most common application of the trough belt conveyor LBBA is in plants for the collection and storage of grain and other bulk materials as well as in the processing industry, for example in rice mills.

Easy maintenance

  • The pre-assembled segments and the lightweight construction allow fast installation and easy maintenance.

High efficiency

  • Efficient materials handling in small to mid-size plants, since several products can be conveyed by a single belt.

High operational safety

  • Extensive safety devices such as speed and off-track detectors ensure optimal system monitoring.

Gentle handling

  • The product is hardly exposed to any friction during conveying.

Product groups

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