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High-performance bead mill


The SuperFlow+ high-performance bead mill provides powerful true grinding and dispersing with proven technology that delivers high product quality for your most demanding applications.

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Key benefits

High productivity from a small grinding chamber

The high power density helps you achieve your required specific energy more quickly, delivering a high net production rate from a small, easy-to-clean grinding chamber.

Top product quality from high-energy grinding

The high load intensity in combination with small beads results in superior true grinding or intense dispersing into the submicron to nano-range.

Wide range of applications

The SuperFlow+ provides you with a wide parameter range across power density, flow rate and bead sizes. Therefore, this technology meets the needs of almost any application in the wet grinding and dispersing industry.

High-performance bead mill

Best performance

SuperFlow technology – an industrial standard

The rotor, which rotates centrally in the inner lining housing, divides the processing unit into an upper cylindrical gap area and a subsequent setup in series of an outer and inner grinding chamber. The grinding chambers can be filled with grinding media of various materials up to the lower edge of the screen.

Full range

From labs to large-scale production

The complete SuperFlow+ range consists of four mill sizes for all of your requirements, from development labs through to pilots and up to large-scale production of high-tech products. The unique high-performance mill concept permits a fully linear scale-up for all models.

Tailored to your needs

The next level of convenience

The SuperFlow+ allows you to select the suitable configuration of the machine to comply with your local regulations and needs.


Sophisticated control options

You can opt for a touch screen display of all your inputs and operating parameters with control algorithms for faster setup and repeatability, or a simpler version with basic controls and alarms.

Total solutions

Process engineering expertise

We can support your new technology with our process engineering expertise, helping you integrate it into your process or plant in the most efficient way.

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