STARpro precision optics vacuum coater

STARpro precision optics vacuum coater –Versatile coating system for small-batch optical filter production

- Super compact design
- Multiple production capabilities
- Precise reproducibility
- Easy to install and to reposition


Bühler Leybold Optics’ STARpro is a new reactive single magnetron sputter coating system dedicated to precision optics applications. The system is very easy to install and operate. Moreover, STARpro achieves spot-on accuracy and high reproducibility throughout the entire target lifetime by the implementation of Bühler Leybold Optics’ premium optical measuring system LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS 5100. Space-saving super compact design
With the smallest footprint within our product portfolio, the
STARpro can be placed even within niches. This makes it a perfect fit for the smallest laboratory environments, especially in combination with a large variety of possible coating processes.

Process devices configurable for impressive product diversity

  • Through the use of SiO2 and Si3N4 multi-layers, products ranging from anti-reflective coatings to band-pass filters, edge filters, dielectric mirrors and dichroic filters can be produced. 
  • A load lock which is separate from the process chamber ensures that the substrates will not be contaminated by particles. 
  • With a maximum of four substrates to be coated in parallel, the STARpro is the perfect choice for fast layer prototyping and small-batch optical filter production.

Highly precise reproducibility thanks to an in-situ optical measuring system

  • The premium in-situ optical measuring system LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS 5100 ensures that the designed layer stack is precisely achieved at any time. 
  • A quick download of the theoretical layer design in combination with the Bühler Leybold Optics software tool LEYBOLD OPTICS "SimuOMS5000" makes it possible to achieve the calculated optical performance with the first shot on the STARpro.

 Highly mobile solution through intelligent design
Mounted on castors and with the capacity to have all gas cylinders incorporated within the small machine’s base frame, the
STARpro is unique in terms of easy installation and repositioning. Simply by inserting the electrical plug into the socket and connecting the compressed-air supply the machine is ready to run.