Spot filter LCBB

Spot filter LCBB – Dedusting at its best.

- Easy replacement of the filter bags
- Minimum dust circulation
- Pressure-shock resistance
- Compact design

Spot filter LCBB

In light of constantly increasing environmental awareness and more stringent legal regulations, dust removal has become an absolute must in almost all companies. Consequently, spot filters LCBB are used for direct dust removal in conveyor systems. Spot filters LCBB are suitable for use in elevators, conveyor belts and chain conveyors for the transport of grain and other bulk goods.

Easy replacement of filter bags

  • The filter bags can be replaced quickly thanks to easy access to the raw gas side.

Minimal dust circulation

  • Thanks to the large intake opening, low flow speeds are achieved thereby minimizing dust circulation.
  • Dust recirculation limits product loss while preventing different products from becoming mixed together.

Pressure-shock-resistant design

  • The spot filter LCBB is also available as a pressure-shock-resistant model and for combustible or explosive dust (FPV-4D).

Compact design

  • The spot  filter LCBB boasts a low space requirement and low investment costs thanks to the compact design, the high filter surface load and the elimination of unnecessary pipe connections.

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