Sorting cylinder LAHA

Sorting cylinder LAHA – High-capacity sorting cylinder.

- Precise sorting
- Gentle cleaning
- High operational reliability
- Minimum maintenance

Sorting cylinder LAHA

The high-capacity sorting cylinder LAHA is exclusively used for the sorting of bulk materials, such as e.g. grain or animal feed. While the sorting cylinder is rotating, the bulk material passes through the different screens and is sorted by size. At the end of the sorting cylinder, the biggest fractions are conducted into a connected piping system or storage bin. This machine is optimally suited for applications in plants for the reception and storage of grain and other bulk materials, mills, silo and storage plants as well as seed processing plants.

Precise sorting

  • Various rounded screens ensure high-precision separation.

Gentle cleaning

  • Gentle cleaning of the screens by means of tested wooden rollers.

Highest standards in terms of operational reliability and long service life

  • High operational reliability due to stiffeners between the screens and the shaft.

Minimum maintenance

  • Minimum maintenance owing to optimized construction and use of high-quality components.

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