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Optical sorter

SORTEX B MultiVision

The SORTEX B MultiVision optical sorter sorts coffee, nuts, pulses, seeds, and plastics with throughputs of up to 8 t/h per chute. It detects multiple color defects and foreign materials and features a size detection software to remove unwanted objects.

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Key benefits

Optimizing yields whilst minimizing waste

The product tracking software installed on the SORTEX B MultiVision accurately classifies each grain as either accepted or rejected. This minimizes recirculation of unclassifiable grains and reduces false ejection of good grains.

Maximizing profitability

The SORTEX B MultiVision comes with preinstalled PROsize technology. This software allows the removal of unwanted product sizes. Typical applications include removing under- or oversized beans and split lentils from whole.

Consistent product quality

The SORTEX B MultiVision uses multiple visible wavelengths to enable the detection of up to five color defects. This enables you to achieve a consistent product quality with minimal re-sorting.

Highlight features

Minimized product re-sorting

Detects up to 5 color defects in one sorting process

The SORTEX B MultiVision features high-resolution front and rear RGB cameras. These can be configured to target up to five color defects. This minimizes the need to re-sort your product to remove more than one color defect.

Reduce sorter downtime

Robust build, sealed components, and long lifetime

The SORTEX B MultiVision is built to withstand hazardous environments in processing plants. Its critical components are sealed to IP5X rating for protection against dust. Additionally, wear parts such as the Broadband LED lighting and the ejectors are modularly arranged so they can be serviced or replaced easily, thus minimizing sorter downtime.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Customized services and support with presence in over 140 countries

Our extensive local presence offers quick and fast turnaround of emergency support, spares, and service packages, maximizing your overall equipment effectiveness. Additionally, for further sorter optimization, the SORTEX Total Care SafeGuard service feature can be activated to allow our engineers have remote access and make real-time adjustments.

Bühler equipment is of the highest quality and durability.

Hasan Arslan, Vice Chairman, Arbel Group, Turkey

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