SORTEX F Optical Sorter

Best in class for hygienic design, food safety and quality

Offering the highest hygiene levels in optical sorting with new open frame design and food-safe grade fixings, FDA approved for cleaning and complete wash-down - to meet exacting food safety standards.

The new optical sorter for nut, dried fruits, frozen fruit and vegetables. Cleverly designed to minimise product build-ups with less cleaning time between product changeovers to prevent product build-ups that might result in pathogenic bacteria and food borne diseases.

Now available for SORTEX® BioVision™ and SORTEX® PolarVision™ detection technologies – optimised for safer and cleaner foods in nuts and dried fruits and frozen fruits and vegetables.

First in class for hygiene and maintenance
• Resistant to high-pressure jet washes
• Spacer brackets allow access to areas that could harbour bacteria
• Faster wipe/wash-down in between product changeovers
• Improved accessibility for easy dismantling and delivers a low cost of ownership – long-life sorting performance

Intuitive to use and easy to operate
• Equipped with new operating system, SORTEX ProSortX™ for faster processing speeds, efficient operation and ease of use.
• 17inch touch-screen for ease of use