SORTEX E PolyVision™

SORTEX E PolyVision™ - a new force in PET recycling.

Equipped with breakthrough technology for effortless polymer contaminant removal.

- Delivering the cleanest and purest quality flakes
- Maximising capacities, recovery and profitability
- One-stop PET sorting solutions - colour, metals, foreign materials and polymers

SORTEX E PolyVision™ Optical Sorter

A new force in PET recycling.

Introducing the SORTEX E PolyVision™ - Bühler’s brand-new optical sorter for effortless polymer contaminant removal, designed with only PET recyclers in mind. A new force in PET recycling, equipped with breakthrough SORTEX PolyVision™ detection technology, patent pending unique lighting system and high precision ejectors to remove same-in-colour polymer contaminants such as PVC, PP and PE and to reduce other polymers such as PS, PA (Nylon), POM and silicon through a unique combination of transmissive and reflective sorting, simultaneously.

Delivering the cleanest and purest quality flakes

  • Breakthrough SORTEX PolyVision™ detection technology analyses the unique chemical composition of same-in-colour polymer contaminants such as PVC, PP, PE, PS, PA (Nylon), POM and silicon to reduce contamination.
  • Unique patent pending lighting system uses optimum wavelengths to enable the detection of same-in-colour polymer contaminants with little or no detection of good flakes.
  • High definition colour cameras, designed and custom built in-house remove unwanted coloured PET flakes such as polyolyfine (including bottle caps) increasing the value of the recycled product.

Maximising capacities, recovery and profitability

  • New high precision ejectors fire precisely at the finest and delicate flakes to ensure overall yield and recovery is maximised without losing an important fraction of small flakes.
  • Proprietary operating software features individual defect adjustments making it easier than ever to reach the desired flake quality.
  • Climate control system maximises stability by maintaining constant temperature under changing ambient conditions

One-stop PET sorting solutions

  • SORTEX E PolyVision™ is one of the most flexible optical sorters available in the industry today. Designed to be paired with the SORTEX A ColorVision™ for best all-round colour, polymer and foreign material removal or to be configured as a 3-in-1 sorter targeting all defects depending on the sorting application and requirements.
  • Bühler’s complete PET processing solutions can also be tailored into full turnkey solutions with the Bühler Optical Sorting Station. Including not only the optical sorting technology but also the auxiliary equipment in addition to valuable automation, engineering and service expertise.

Turn to the first choice supplier of PET sorting technology to maximise your processing capacities, recovery and purity today.

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Bühler Sortex and NRT have joined forces to provide one, complete optical sorting recycling solution from bottle to flake. Bringing together a comprehensive range of proven bottle and flake sorting machines that focus on high capacities and high recovery for maximum profitability.
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