SORTEX E Optical Sorters

SORTEX E Optical Sorters - for the safest products in your packs.

- High efficiency sorting
- Removes challenging foreign material and defects
- Easy to clean for increased hygiene levels
- Sorting solutions for a wide range of application

SORTEX E Optical Sorters

Safest products in your packs.

The SORTEX E range of optical sorters are designed for flexibility; sorting a wide range of both food and non-food commodities. From vegetable sorting to nut sorting, berry sorting to plastic sorting, the SORTEX E range of optical sorters increases product safety, ensures the highest product quality and maximises yields.

Latest addition to the range, the SORTEX E1C is designed for applications such as nuts, beans and plastics and is engineered to satisfy current hygiene requirements set by the food industry, particularly within the nut sector.

Developed for the fruit and vegetable packing line to remove challenging foreign material such as plastics, wood and cardboards. The high detection efficiency ensures that products are safe, clean and yields are maximised.

Developed as a colour and shape sorter, used directly after the freezer tunnel in the frozen vegetable and berry processing lines, for the efficient removal of gross and subtle blemishes.


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