SORTEX B Optical Sorter

SORTEX B Optical Sorter – Consistent balanced performance with large capacity.

- Increased capacity
- Consistent sorting performance
- Improved precision
- Improved reliability
- Simple to operate interface

SORTEX B Optical Sorter

Consistent, balanced performance at the highest capacities.

The SORTEX B performs with speed, efficiency and reliability, removing defective product and foreign material from products including rice and grain. Meeting processors’ requirements for capacity, sorter precision, reliability and ease of use. Increased capacity

The design available in four frame sizes in up to seven-modules allows for higher capacity sorting and greater variation for configuration. The SORTEX B can support primary/secondary/tertiary sorting as required by customers.

The SORTEX B is also available with split feed as a factory option, further expanding the flexibility of configuration.

Consistent sorting performance

A combination of flatter background lighting and auto-calibration gives a more even ejection rate, across all modules, delivering a consistent and reliable performance, month after month.

The low-voltage digital drive technology for the vibrators leads to more consistent throughput over time and between modules, optimising the sorter performance without operator intervention.

The SORTEX B optical sorter offers a balanced and stable sorting performance while integrating product tracking to auto-calibrate its setting ensuring optimum product quality.

Sealed optical boxes also keep dust out of components to ensure a consistent sorting performance is achieved every time.

Improved precision

Better detection of spot defects and yellow grains, due to the enhanced background which optimises illumination.

Improved reliability

The SORTEX® B is equipped with ejectors developed by Bühler specifically for multiple application optical sorting. Designed to provide high speed and accuracy with reduced wear, further reducing the cost of ownership or SORTEX® optical sorters.

The control box is designed to provide improved air circulation, particularly around the power supplies – resulting in improved reliability

The lamp and vibrator control boards now operate from low-voltage power supplies, leading to improved reliability whilst reducing costs.

Simple to operate

Optical box doors allow easy access to glass, and wiper blades. System interface hardware and software allow for direct input from a load cell in the customer‘s hopper. This allows capacity of sorter to be matched to plant capacity.

Featuring large touch screen buttons for easier operation in mills and processing plants. Ability to store user-defined modes for fast product changeovers.


Equipped with a specially designed receptacle to handle delicate commodities such as rice and grains.

Feed chute have a built-in feature to reduce spillage at feed transition point.

Equipped with Bühler’s Broken Rice Monitor – an alert system to give warning when predefined trends of broken rice are exceeded.

Peace of mind

SORTEX TotalCare™ performance optimisation is available on this machine and features multiple customisable options to suit all customer requirements.


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