SORTEX A MultiVision™ Optical Sorter

SORTEX A MultiVision™ Optical Sorter – Superior subtle colour sorting.

- Subtle colour detection
- Delivering the highest quality sort
- Consistent performance, maximising yield

SORTEX A MultiVision™ Optical Sorter

Superior subtle colour sorting.

The SORTEX A MultiVision™ is Bühler’s cutting edge optical sorter designed for the most complex colour sorting applications. Its MultiVision™ inspection system consists of multiple wavelengths providing the most profitable sorting performance in removing subtle colour variations and foreign material, reducing toxins and colour grading/grouping. The sophisticated optical sorter is equipped with Bühler’s most advanced optical sorting technology including:
  • Advanced inspection system
  • PROfile™ technology
  • Enhanced InGaAs technology
  • Broadband LED and IR Lighting
  • SORTEX ProSortX™ operating software
  • High capacity (1-5 modules)
  • Enhanced feed system
  • SmartEject™ technology
  • ATEX compliance

Bühler’s proprietary technology

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