SmartWhite™ rice whitener

SmartWhite™ rice whitener Cost-effective, affordable range with same, Bühler build quality, designed for compact rice mills.

- High yield whitening
- Minimum brokens
- Gentle and even abrasion
- Long cleaning intervals
- Easy operation and maintenance

SmartWhite™ rice whitener

Cost-effective affordable range with same Bühler build quality and reliable performance designed for compact rice mills.

All new compact SmartWhiteTM rice whitener from Bühler, designed for smaller mills with capability to process up to 4 tonnes per hour.

Part of the SmartLine range, the SmartWhiteTM rice whitener is suitable for rice millers wishing to upgrade to include a whitening process or update existing technologies for better rice yields, quality and overall profitability.

It delivers high whitening performance with low grain breakage, is easy to use with simple controls and equipped with machine components for low maintenance and longer machine life span.

The new SmartLine range is available via Bühler offices in South Asia, Middle East and Africa.
*Capacity mentioned is on Paddy input basis.