SmartPoly™ rice polisher

SmartPoly™ rice polisher Cost-effective, dependable with reliable Bühler build quality, designed for compact rice mills.

- Attractive surface finish
- Dust free for transparent packaging
- High head rice yield
- Hygienic processing
- Economic power consumption

SmartPoly™ rice polisher

Cost-effective, dependable rice polisher with reliable Bühler build quality and reliable performance, designed for compact rice mills.

The new compact SmartPoly™ rice polisher from Bühler is designed for smaller mills wishing to upgrade to include a polishing stage. It is also suitable as an upgrade existing technologies for better finished product and overall profitability.

Capable of polishing up to 4 tonnes per hour*, the SmartPoly™ is easy to operate, is designed for hygienic operation and equipped with machine components that offers a longer machine life span and low maintenance.

Offering processors a cost-effective and reliable rice polishing solution with no compromise to end product quality; good gloss, yield and minimal dust.

The new SmartLine range is available via Bühler offices in South Asia, Middle East and Africa.
*Capacity mentioned is on Paddy input basis.


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