Small bagging station MWPP

Small bagging station MWPP - The ideal solution for low bagging weights.

- Modular system design
- Outstanding sanitation
- Easy and user-friendly operation

Small bagging station MWPP

The MWPP small bagging station has been designed for bagging powdered and free-flowing products. With a capacity of 1 ... 10 kg, it is the ideal solution for a wide range of packaging materials. Modular system design
Both for non-free-flowing (e.g. flour) as well as for free-flowing (e.g. pellets) and friable products, the bagging station offers the right solution for every application.

Outstanding sanitation
The bagging station is equipped with a dust-tight bag spout and an optional aspiration system to prevent dust from escaping and to grant clean machine surroundings.

Easy and user-friendly operation
The functions of the packaging station are controlled with the help of an easy-to-use control system. This reduces complexity while increasing user-friendliness.


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