Silo Rotary Discharger RotaLink RCRA

Silo Rotary Discharger RotaLink RCRA – Demanding conditions, efficient discharging.

- High unloading capacity
- Few product residues
- Rugged design
- Low maintenance

Silo Rotary Discharger RotaLink RCRA

The Bühler RotaLink is used for silo discharge of bulk materials when high capacity is needed. Due to its high capacity, intermediate storage silos or product rerouting are past practices. With the specially designed bottom scratchers even product residues from the floor are loosened. The Bühler RotaLink can discharge freeflowing material up to 400 t/h from silos with a diameter of up to 41 m. High unloading capacity
  • The heavy-duty chain is the core element of the RCRA allowing maximum capacity and offering excellent strength and durability.
  • With a conveying capacity of up to 400 t/h expensive intermediate storage solutions can be avoided.

Few product residues

  • Due to the scratchers attached to the chain, bulk material on the floor of the silo is loosened and conveyed by the RotaLink.
  • With a minimum distance between silo bottom and RotaLink, the maximum quantity of product is carried towards the silo outlet.

Rugged design

  • The rugged design ensures constant reliability and an optimum product discharge.
  • The rugged design secures an optimum product flow to the silo conveying equipment.

Low maintenance

  • Rugged design and intelligent arrangement of wear parts substantially reduce maintenance costs.


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