High-Performance Sieving Machine MKZC

High-Performance Sieving Machine MKZC – for fatty and sticky flours.

- Ideal sanitation
- Low maintenance requirements
- Easy integration into existing mill diagrams

High-Performance Sieving Machine MKZC

The primary field of application for the high-performance sieving machine Turbostar MKZC is the separation of attrition flour after degermination in corn mills – with a throughput capacity of up to 4 t/h. Additional areas of application include preliminary sifting of break stocks in wheat milling and rebolting of fatty and sticky flours. Stainless cylindrical screen assembly provides ideal sanitation.
The cylindrical screen assembly in the high-performance sieving machine Turbostar MKZC is made of stainless screen, ensuring the outstanding sanitation of the machine.

Robust construction and optimized design reduce maintenance requirements.

  • Because the sieve chamber is easily accessible, the unit can be cleaned easily. Required maintenance is reduced to a minimum.
  • Thanks to a cylindrical screen assembly that is extremely wear-resistant, the machine requires less frequent maintenance – which also reduces regular running costs.

Flexible installation options for easy integration in mill diagrams.
Due to its design, the high-performance sieving machine Turbostar MKZC is excellently suited for integration in existing mill diagrams:

  • Four tubular supports allow the unit to be installed in a suspended or standing position. This means the easy-to-install sieving machine is extremely flexible when being integrated into existing spatial conditions.
  • Because the sieving machine requires only a modest amount of space, it offers even greater flexibility with regard to installation.


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