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Sieve systems

Our wide portfolio includes both centrifugal and oscillating throw sieves with standard mesh size ranging from 2 to 25 mm (metal) or 1.25 to 5 mm (wire mesh) for pelleting and grinding systems and for control screening semi-finished and end products.

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Key benefits

Hygienic design

The machine has been designed with smooth surfaces and round edges.

Easy access and cleaning

The machine is easy to access and clean thanks to the quick-release fasteners on the side doors and screens.

High operational safety

Our solution offers high operational safety due to the key transfer system.

Our product range

Versatile in various systems

Throw sieve DFTA

The sieve is applied mainly in animal feed production plants and oil mills.In pelleting systems, it is used for separating pellets and crumbles and for rescreening. In grinding systems, it is used in primary sieving upstream of hammer mills to reduce power demand and in multi-stage grinding systems it is used to obtain different fractions without the need to change screens in the hammer mill.

Easy cleaning and access

Centrifugal sieve DMHX

The centrifugal sieve has been designed for control sifting of semi-finished and end products and for separating foreign matter, bran particles and lumps from mealy or granular products. It is used in the feed, pet food, and oilseed processing industries as well as in related processes.

Application possibilities

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