Ship unloader Portalino/Portalink RSO/RSPL/RSPM/RSPH

Ship unloader Portalino/Portalink RSO/RSPL/RSPM/RSPH – Efficient and reliable operation.

- Efficient unloading and high opetating reliability
- Gentle materials conveying
- Easy maintenance, long service life

Ship unloader Portalino/Portalink RSO/RSPL/RSPM/RSPH

Bühler Portalino and Portalink are continuous mechanical ship unloaders designed for reliable and efficient unloading of grain, oilseeds and derivatives. Depending on the specific flow characteristics of the bulk material, maximum unloading throughput rates up to 1,400 t/h can be achieved. Portalino and Portalink are characterized by their high flexibility and uptime, as well as their outstanding cost-to-benefit ratio.  

Efficient unloading and high operating reliability

  • The automatic sink-in mechanism of the marine leg enables the optimal position of the unloader boot in the bulk material.
  • An automatic unloading to the maximum depth of material inside the ship´s hold is given.
  • The proven Bühler technology and the automatic control system ensure that the Portalino and Portalink work reliable even when material characteristics vary.

Gentle materials conveying

  • Gentle conveying thanks to a compact column of bulk inside the casing of the marine leg at uniform low speed.

Easy maintenance, long service life

  • Few wear parts ad a low number of spare parts guarantee easy maintenance.
  • The low conveyor chain speed ensures a reliable operation and a long service live.

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