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Seed conditioner

The vertical seed conditioner OLKA is designed to provide steam heating conditioning for soybeans, rapeseed, or other free-flowing grain. Using the warm dehulling process, the beans are only heated once, saving thermal energy and infrastructure costs.

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Key benefits

Savings on energy

Conventional soybean dehulling requires two heating stages, one to dry the beans and a second to reheat and rehydrate them prior to flaking. With the seed conditioner OLKA, the beans only need to be heated once, substantially saving thermal energy costs.

Efficient conditioning

Heating sections are installed in a criss-cross method, with each section’s tubes rotated by 90 degrees from the section below. This method ensures uniform heating of your beans, with no cold spots.

Flexible processing

The heating modules are stackable so that you can configure the seed conditioner to precisely match the temperature or humidity required to process your specific raw materials.

Highlight features

High wear resistance

Reliable operation

Special elliptical tubes, made of 3 mm thick, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, allow excellent heat transfer, product flow, and wear protection. The seed conditioner is also fitted with a special protection system on top of each heating section to reduce wear on the tubes.


Outstanding ease of maintenance

Multiple maintenance doors at each section and a maintenance platform inside the inlet section provide fast access. You can easily remove and replace the heating sections and the discharge drawers at each level, ensuring fast maintenance times.

Application possibilities

The Bühler process

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