Scourer MHXS

Scourer MHXS – optimal product preparation for grinding.

- Outstanding scouring effect
- Versatile application
- High throughput with low energy and space requirements

Scourer MHXS

Bühler's scourer MHXS is applied in grain milling in both the first and second cleaning stages for the intensive surface treatment of numerous different grain varieties. Excellent scouring effect – optimal product hygiene.
  • The scourer MHXS efficiently removes impurities such as dust, sand, clods of soil etc. that adhere to the grain, thus providing ideal preparation for grinding.
  • The MHXS significantly improves product hygiene – by reducing the microbial count (bacteria, fungus etc.) as well as minimizing the presence of insects or their fragments.
  • The scourer is generally equipped at its discharge end with the aspiration channel MVSG or the air recycling aspirator MVSQ. These serve to separate detached hull fragments or surface contaminants neatly from the grain.

Rotor and screen jacket version offers versatile application.
The possible applications of the scourer MHXS can be expanded beyond its standard use in the surface treatment of common wheat, durum wheat and rye: In an appropriately equipped rotor and screen jacket version, it can also be employed successfully for intensive scouring in the processing of oats.

High throughput with little space required.

  • Thanks to its space-saving design, the scourer MHXS is excellently suited for integration in existing plants.
  • The scourer MHXS boasts an enormous throughput capacity. Up to 30 metric tons of wheat per hour is possible.
  • Where lower throughput is required, Bühler offers an additional MHXS model for throughputs of less than 15 tons of wheat per hour – this not only lowers investment costs, but saves space as well.


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