Sampler MZEA / MZED

Sampler MZEA / MZED – Automatic sampling for representative samples.

- Sampling without personnel
- For free-flowing or non-free-flowing products
- To be installed in gravity pipes or pneumatic pressure conveying systems

Sampler MZEA / MZED

Sampling is a highly significant process for satisfying legal traceability requirements. It provides the basis for a monitored and documented product quality. Operation without personnel – reliable and easy
Sampling interval and sampling duration can be set quickly and easily on the control unit and, therefore, be precisely adapted to meet the needs of the customer. Automatic sampling allows to attain a good average of the material processed.

Sampler MZEA
For automatic sampling of free-flowing products from gravity pipes.

Sampler MZED
For automatic sampling of semolina-like and floury products from vertical pneumatic pressure conveying lines.
Available in completely stainless steel design.


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