SafeLatch Dryer Access Retrofit

Added safety for installed dryers.

Plant and worker safety is a critical concern for processors. The new SafeLatch from Bühler Aeroglide adds a critical layer of protection to the plant floor. A well developed risk management system is integral to any industrial operation, and a robust dryer safety program is key to insuring risks may be highlighted and addressed. To support your dryer safety protocols, Bühler Aeroglide has developed the SafeLatch Dryer Access Retrofit system.

The SafeLatch Dryer Access Retrofit provides an additional level of operator safety by limiting dryer entry only through approved supervisory levels. The SafeLatch retrofit system includes a simple modification to your dryer’s existing latch. The kit includes a cam operated locking arm mounted in a modified lock hasp base. A separate access key provided with the kit unlocks the dryer access point for entry. This unlocking key can be managed in a secured area, limiting access to only those operators specially trained in dryer safety requirements. An optional safety lock junction box can be field interlocked to disengage the operation of your dryer before any access can be made.

Taking only minutes to install, the SafeLatch retrofit is an easy and simple way to obtain substantial protection for dryer operators.


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