RoastMaster™20 – turn the full green bean potential into your roast flavor signature.

- Process flexibility for great flavor generation
- Fully variable burner for flexible energy intake
- Easy data management and next generation connectivity


The RoastMaster™20 by Bühler offers exactly what start-up businesses and small-scale industrial operations require to produce top-quality coffee. The capacity ranges up to 70 kg of green beans per hour. Hot air is the best choice to ensure a uniform roast. All hot air passes through the rotating drum and transfers its heat directly to the beans in a homogeneous way. This hot air pathway ensures a high proportion of convective heat transfer rather than to heat the drum from below. No matter at which stage of the process, the variable drum speed and the sophisticated interior design of the roasting chamber deliver an optimal bean distribution and an efficient interaction of the beans with the air. Silverskins are separated in the cyclone. The compact drum roaster is equipped with separate heating and cooling fans which allow to roast and cool at the same time. An innovative and easy-to-use PLC control system ensures quality consistency during production but also leaves room for manual intervention to steer the processing when necessary.

RoastMaster™20. Process flexibility for your flavor signature.

Each coffee variety is unique by nature and requires individual roasting conditions to transform the full intrinsic flavor potential into great flavor. The RoastMaster™20 is equipped with a fully variable burner for flexible energy input. The frequency converter on the main fan allows for variable speed and optimized air-to-bean-ratio during the different stages of the process. Regardless wether you prefer traditional or non-conventional profiles, the sophisticated multistep process control software inspires profile roasting for best flavor generation.

Data management and next generation connectivity.
The future-safe concept includes an easy-to-use PLC control system with integrated touch panel, recipe management, online trend monitoring, batch report creation and safety features. Moreover the easy data export via USB port, online data transfer to external third party process monitoring software and remote HMI visualization and process control ensure quality consistency during production.


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