PylonMet color vacuum coater

PylonMet color vacuum coater - High throughput and flexibility with excellent coating results

- Excellent coating versatility
- High productivity and reliability
- Compact design


The Leybold Optics PylonMet is a flexible and versatile high-throughput batch-type magnetron sputtering system for the coating of three-dimensional parts.

The machine concept allows a flexible configuration and a versatile deployment in a broad range of applications. This includes reactive and non-reactive magnetron sputter deposition with inter-pole targets (IPT). The advanced mid-frequency (MF) plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) source allows the deposition of transparent top-coats and enhanced wipe-resist layers. The efficient vacuum pumping system, including an effective cryo-coil system and a flexible process-gas-management system, are further key elements.

Flexible configuration for excellent coating versatility

- The flexible configuration of the PylonMet makes it suitable for use with a variety of sputtering materials, including aluminum, chromium, stainless steel, copper, silver and many others. It produces different colors on two- and three-dimensional parts in 24-hour production. The highest level of repeatability ensures consistent quality.

High productivity and reliability thanks to swivel-type front door and easy access

- The swivel-type front door allows highly productive processing and loading/unloading sequences. Substrates are loaded to an easy-to-access pylon, or optionally, to a planetary-substrate-fixture system.
The automatic loading and unloading option is a key factor in the high reliability of the system.

Compact design for a small footprint

- The footprint-optimized machine is installed into an easy-to-handle steel-frame. On the one hand, this allows easy and fast transportation and installation of the system. On the other hand, once PylonMet has been installed, the small machine footprint requires only a minimum of floor space.

About Bühler Leybold Optics

In the beginning of 2012, Leybold Optics GmbH became a subsidiary of the Bühler Group based in Switzerland: Business Unit Leybold Optics, legally rebranded to Bühler Alzenau GmbH in 2015, operates under the Advanced Material Division within the Bühler Group.


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