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The Pulsroll huller DRHG is designed to effectively remove the seed coats of a wide range of pulses. The Pulsroll is a high throughput solution, offering improved yields, a uniform finish and optimum quality.

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Key benefits

Designed for easy operation and quick product changes

You can quickly access the machine to clean and change the emery stones and the sieves.

Wide range of flexibility in pulse processing

The machine can be used to hull a wide range of different pulses. This is due to the large number of different configurations that are possible with this machine.

Adjustable to increase yields

You can adjust the grinding gap, grit of the emery stones, sieves and machine inclination. This helps to keep a consistent level of milling, improve quality and reduce the amount of brokens.

Highlight features

Improved yields and product quality

Adjustable sieves and stones for consistent hulling

The emery stones come in four sections so that you can replace each section individually. The optional interchangeable sieve system offers further hulling quality. The sieves can be adjusted to ensure a uniform milling surface. You can also reduce the amount of dust and brokens by adjusting the milling pressure using the outlet counterweights and machine inclination.

Flexibility in hulling

Hulling of different types of pulses

The grinding gap, emery stone grits, sieves and machine inclination can be individually adjusted. This makes it possible to hull many different types and shapes of pulses.


Designed for maximum uptime and low maintenance costs

The Pulsroll has a sturdy design. The wear parts are designed to protect the machine from abrasive products. The emery stones offer high resistance and handle up to 10,000 tons of product in their lifetime.

High throughput

Hulling up to 4 tons of pulses per hour

The Pulsroll can hull up to 4 tons of pulses per hour. Various motor sizes ranging between 11 kW and 18 kW are available.

Bühler's Pulsroll delivers higher throughput and uniform hulling performance.

The huller has been designed and manufactured to comply with global safety standards for electrical and mechanical operation.

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