PULSROLL™ Pulse Huller

PULSROLL™ Pulse Huller – High capacity, energy-efficient new generation pulse huller. Designed for the modern pulse mills.

- High throughput with low power consumption
- Robust machine design
- Delivers better yield and optimum finish on hulled pulses
- Designed for safe and hygienic operation with ATEX and CE certification
- Easy to operate and versatile application on a range of pulse varieties

PULSROLL™ Pulse Huller

High capacity, energy-efficient pulse huller. Designed for the modern pulse mills.

Introducing PULSROLLTM pulse Huller. Buhler's latest technological advancement in pulse processing. Designed to efficiently remove husks on a wide range of pulses. PULSROLLTM is a high capacity processing solution offering yields, uniformed finish and optimum quality whilst driving down the overall processing costs. Exclusively designed for pulses processing, PULSROLLTM gives processors precise control over hulling conditions and setting. Through its easy adjustment of the milling gap between stones and sieves, adjustable machine inclination and pressure control inside the hulling chamber, the PULSROLLTM delivers high hulling efficiency, lower brokens and optimum finish.

Its robust design contributes to less wear, better machine life cycle and when combined with a low dust production, leads to improved productivity, safe and hygienic processing.

High throughput with lower power consumption
Uniform feeding and smooth conveying of pulses to hulling chamber.
- Efficient and consistent performance through a stable and balanced machine design with large hulling surface.
- Adds value and profit, PULSROLLTM a high capacity solution with low processing costs per tonne in a smaller footprint.

Robust machine design
- High machine life cycle. Its design minimises damage from abrasive pulse by-products during the hulling process.
- Maximum output with longer stone life through its durable emery stones, offering high wear resistance.
- Improved productivity. Designed to minimise downtime and better utilisation of installed capacity.

Delivers better yield and optimum finish on hulled pulses
- Gentle processing. Precise control over hulling process ensures lesser brokens and enhanced yield.
- Specially design hulling stone assembly for easy replacement of worn stones to ensure hulling gap is uniformed for consistent finish
- Expertly selected emery stones and hulling conditions most suitable for your pulse variety - minimises dust output and deliver a superior finish.

Designed for safe & hygienic operation with ATEX and CE Certification
- Designed with no dead spots for product build ups for hygienic operation. Easier to clean and aids faster product changeovers.
- Minimal dust, noise and vibration.
- ATEX and CE certified and complies with major global safety regulations on electrical and mechanical operation

Easy to operate and offers flexibility
- Equipped with features to aid faster product changeovers; simple controls, easy accessibility for cleaning, changing of stones and sieves.
- Designed for a wide range of pulse applications for maximum flexibility


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