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Pressing roller

Meincke 3388

Our precisely adjustable Meincke 3388 pressing roller is suited for compressing all kinds of cookies to a certain thickness. Various scrapers are available to release products from the roller and keep it clean.

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Key benefits

Optimized factory footprint

The servo drive allows an adjustable band speed from low to high which is determined by the required baking time, this means production with only one roller can take place, thus saving costs.

Quick and easy adjustments

The roller and scrapers are equipped with a quick release function for a fast product changeover and therefore ensure higher production efficiency.

Meeting latest hygiene standards

The design of the pressing roller allows for easy cleaning and maintenance due to parts that can be removed without tools and therefore less time spent cleaning.

Highlight features

Product refinement

Beautify your plain product

Your products can be further enhanced with unique patterns. Therefore, a second roller can be added after the pressing roller. Your uniquely designed pattern is rolled onto the product.

Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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