Depositing machine PreciShot™

Depositing machine PreciShot™ – top-precision product metering.

- Top product metering precision
- High flexibility
- Easy to integrate
- Convenient operation

Depositor PreciShot™

The depositing machine PreciShot™ is synonymous with top precision in the depositing of chocolate masses and fillings. The products that it can process range from smooth masses for backing, lid, or shell chocolate and decorations to the entire range of liquid and semi-liquid fillings: It deposits liquors, marmalade, or caramel as accurately as fat fillings of truffles and nougat. Designed primarily for spot depositing technology, it can if required also be easily expanded to suit the requirements of one-shot depositing. Accurate depositing for top-class articles.
The single-piston depositing system allows highly accurate depositing of small volumes. If the machine includes a flow-through system, it is also possible to accurately deposit very small chocolate volumes.

High flexibility for a wide product range.

  • The mass channels in the nozzle plate arrangements have been designed for applications involving a maximum range of viscosities – the PreciShot™ covers the entire range of products from smooth chocolate masses to fluid (low-viscosity) liquor fillings.
  • The vertical piston system is also optionally available with sideways attached mass hoppers. This variant allows both “one-shot” depositing and processing of masses including small-size chopped ingredients.

Compact design and single-drive technology for autarchic plant integration.

  • Thanks to its compact design, the PreciShot™ can be integrated in a space-saving way in any production line.
  • Single-drive technology and separate control allow independent integration in any type of system.

Touch-panel for convenient process control.
The control board attached directly to the machine allows easy and convenient control of all machine parameters. Optimized basic settings are saved on an article-related basis in the recipe memory and ensure absolute reproducibility of the production process.


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