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The Polymatik pasta press is flexible and processes a wide variety of raw materials into high-quality pasta, including wheat and gluten-free grain. Its distinct design helps in minimizing waste and downtime and achieves the highest food safety standards.

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Key benefits

Top hygiene standards

Polymatik presses guarantee optimal hygiene during the production process. The self-cleaning mixer-kneader system reduces and simplifies sanitation operations.

High availability and reduced waste

The Polymatik minimizes downtimes and waste due to its short mixing times and “first-in, first-out” operations.

Flexible usage of raw materials

The Polymatik pasta press can process a wide variety of raw materials including durum or common wheat, other grain, and even gluten-free ingredients such as corn, rice, pulses and quinoa.

Highlight features

Distinct product design

Unique mixing technology for pasta

The co-rotating twin-screw mixer-kneader is the core element of the Polymatik. It forms the basis for the “first-in, first-out” process. The Polymatik transforms raw materials into a homogeneous dough. Subsequently the main screw shapes the dough through the pasta die. Controlled and repeatable conditions characterize the dough formation.

Optimal dough formation

Superior product quality and bright color

The low mixing time of about 20 seconds limits air exposure and oxidation of yellow pigments for pasta that is bright and golden. Products processed using Polymatik presses are true standouts, with high color brilliance and excellent cooking characteristics.

Clever and safe design

Meeting the highest safety standards

Polymatik presses guarantee maximum hygiene during the production process. The self-cleaning design of the co-rotating screws simplifies cleaning operations.

The Polymatik system has shown to be the most efficient one for gluten-free production. Since it’s a closed system, it is perfect in terms of hygiene. The flexibility is remarkable as well: quick format changes and very flexible recipe changes.

Raffaele Raso, Plant Manager, Molino Andriani

The system can be stopped and started quickly at the push of a button. This keeps downtimes for recipe changes and cleaning or maintenance at a minimum. Batches can be changed very quickly. The limited quantity of dough in the process chamber reduces waste at the end of production and ensures that the line can restart quickly.

Polymatik is your ideal technology for flexible usage of wheat or gluten-free raw materials. Polymatik features steam and hot water injection for the production of gluten-free pasta, where starch gelatinization is required. This process is simple and effective and avoids additional precooking steps on the raw materials.

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