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Pellet mill

Kubex 5 Series

Kubex 5 is the latest generation in the Bühler pellet mill portfolio. It boasts superior capacity and energy efficiency with its highly efficient gear drive system and advanced pelleting chamber.

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Key benefits

Efficiency in production

The Kubex 5 has the biggest roller inside the same die, allowing it to achieve what others cannot. Even with the most efficient transmission system, the pellet mill can meet same capacity with the lowest energy consumption.


Multiple convenient attributes are becoming standard on the Kubex 5, including a central lubrication system, motorized die lifter, gearbox oil cooling system and anti-blocking monitoring, all of which significantly enhance the machine's automation level.

Tougher than ever

Standard parts of the highest quality, and a safe and simplified design: a machine you can rely on.

A durable pellet mill for 24/7 production

Kubex 5 pellet mill

Super flexible capacity range

The Kubex 5 gear drive pellet mill has multiple sub-types which can produce 15 to 60 t/h. The achievable capacity has been optimized for different feed types including swine, poultry, aqua, ruminant and even biomass. Highest roller/die diameter ratio results in high ruminant feed capacity too.

Kubex 5 pellet mill

Global service channel and spare parts availability

As a global company, Bühler machines also enjoy global service and support. No matter where you are, Bühler service covers more than 140 countries and is ready to help at any time. Factory spare parts are quality-controlled according to global Bühler standards. The gearbox is also certified and guaranteed by our strategic global partner.

Kubex 5 pellet mill

Continous production without daily maintenance

A standard central lubrication system enables the pellet mill to automatically lubricate all necessary bearing positions during production. The oil cooling and circulation system can maintain the gearbox oil temperature in the proper range, enabling continuous production. The motorized die lifter helps operators safely and quickly change the die and rollers when necessary.

Kubex 5 pellet mill

Systematic digital solutions

Beyond its hardware, Bühler has also enriched the Kubex 5 pellet mill with complete systematic digital solutions. PelletingPro is a leading industrial solution to stabilize pellet quality. Pelleting Essential is a Bühler smart service that provides a dashboard for customers to monitor pelleting line performance from any mobile device.

Bühler has introduced the new dynamic roller gap adjustment feature to the Kubex 5 pellet mill. Unlike the previous generations, this system can automatically change the roller gap, even during production. Using the roller speed and motor current as input signals, the dynamic system is able to optimize the roller gap position throughout production.

Two press rollers are actively monitored by the speed sensors when in operation. Roller speed is an important parameter in pellet mill production, because it indicates the risk of roller slippage and blockage. With the Kubex 5, it's also the signal input for the DARGA system, which can communicate with the control system directly to reduce or increase the roller gap.

The central lubrication system automatically pumps grease into different bearing positions. The control system can adjust the flow rate of the grease for each pipe separately. Indicators also monitor for abnormal blockages on each pipe.

Standard on every Kubex 5 pellet mill, the blocking monitoring device in the inlet chute prevents pellet mill blockage from getting worse. The device actively monitors material build up in the chute and the signal triggers action by the control system if the build up gets too high.

The magnetic plate installed on the inlet chute is the last check point for the pre-pelletized material. It removes any iron-based foreign matter to prevent it from damaging the die and rollers. It is a standard feature for every Bühler pellet mill.

A compact sliding crane installed above the pellet mill that efficiently helps the operator change the die and rollers quickly and effortlessly. The dual-rope weighing structure can easily lift one ton of goods with its extremely safe design.

Key topics

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