Pellet Mill Kubex™ T

Pellet Mill Kubex™ T – outstanding energy efficiency.

- Direct drive for outstanding energy efficiency
- High performance, small footprint
- Customer-driven design

Pellet Mill Kubex™ T

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. Bühler's new Pellet Mill Kubex™ T is designed for high-capacity pelleting. It takes the successful foundation of the popular Kubex™ to a whole new dimension, continuing the tradition of robustness, reliability and ease of operation of the previous model, but driving it to an even more efficient and powerful level. Up to 20 %1 less energy consumption compared to conventional pellet mills, high production capacities of up to 80 t/h2 and a customer-driven design are the result of extensive research and development by Bühler in cooperation with leading feed millers.

Direct drive for outstanding energy efficiency.

  • The direct drive system without gearbox and transmission belts ensures lowest maintenance requirements and maximum machine uptime.
  • Up to 20 %1 energy savings per ton of produced pellets compared to conventional drive systems.
  • Variable die speed allows for ongoing optimization of the production process and pellet quality based on the feed formulation, and also extends the lifetime of the die.
  • The direct drive system and robust construction eliminate virtually all machine vibrations.

Flexible application through high performance, small footprint.

  • The Pellet Mill Kubex™ T is available in two versions for production capacities up to 80 t/h: the Kubex™ T9 for up to 50 t/h2, and the Kubex™ T12 for up to 80 t/h2.
  • The unit's extremely compact design allows for line capacity expansion without costly building and process modification works.
  • The machine features ABS control for press rolls, preventing slippage and protecting it against blockages and equipment damage.

Easy maintenance and sanitation thanks to customer-driven design.

  • Wide-opening sliding doors on both sides provide full access to the machine for fast and easy maintenance.
  • Improved die change concept with screws and fittings in clean motor chamber significantly reduces the time needed for die change, maximizing machine uptime.
  • The slightly pressurized housing of the Pellet Mill Kubex™ T prevents dust settlements in critical areas.
  • Hygienic, ergonomic and very robust design with 65 % fewer machine parts compared to HYPAC.

1 Measured values ranged from 15 % to 25 %.
2 Poultry feed, 4 mm.


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