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Optical sorter

SORTEX S CrystalVision

Our Sortex S CrystalVision is built with pioneering technology specifically designed for advanced foreign matter removal including frosted/abraded glass and white plastics.

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Key benefits

Highest ever throughput with Bühler

Available with up to six chutes and a patented feed system to deliver an even higher throughput per chute.

Customer safety is the first priority

Ensure there are no customer incidents or product recalls with the associated brand damage by removing foreign matter that is notoriously difficult to detect, all while ensuring the highest yield. Defining new standards in safety.

Intelligent individual defect detection

Mastery over every defect; users can adjust the amount of each defect removed with the slide of a single control.

High throughputs for ejection

Technology to push throughputs higher

The use of existing and new technologies combine to create the highest capacity sorter while still maintaining the yield of good product and minimizing rejects. Bühler’s patented feed system works in conjunction with Crosshair Targeting Technology and high-density ejection system (78 ejectors per chute) amongst other technologies to ensure the highest performance at the highest throughputs.

Breakthrough technology

Advanced vision system with deep blue lighting

Highly efficient removal of all color, spot and chalky defects, plus foreign matter including frosted/abraded glass and white plastics. Thanks to technologies such as Textured LED lighting and Intelligent Individual Defect Detection it is possible to remove all of these defects simultaneously with no loss of yield.

Spot it. State it. Sorted.

SORTEX monitoring system

Sortex S CrystalVision transforms your plant digitally and is ready to connect to Bühler Insights. Our digital services enable you to control and view your machine performance from anywhere. Data is continuously analyzed directly from the sorter, providing managers and operators with real-time monitoring of key performance indicators such as rejects trends and throughput.

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