NESSY series of precision optics vacuum coaters

NESSY series of precision optics vacuum coaters –The sputter equipment for EUV applications

- High application potential
- Unmatched thickness uniformity
- Perfect stoichiometry film quality

NESSY series

The NESSY series is a latest generation magnetron sputter system by Bühler Leybold Optics. It is dedicated to the production of coatings of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) mirrors under ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) conditions and is designed for mass production as well as for the development of new products. NESSY coaters can be equipped with up to six different rectangular sputter cathodes and can use molybdenum and silicon, together with other materials that are essential to achieve a complete mirror coating. As a result, a complete coating stack can be performed in one cycle. Breakthrough applications with a coater fit for the future
  • Molybdenum-silicon multi-layer mirrors with maximum reflectance at a wavelength of 13.5 nm have become a classic in reflection technology. These mirrors are indispensable as condenser or projector mirrors in next-generation lithography equipment. 
  • In addition to EUV lithography, multi-layer interference mirrors can be used in X-ray measuring devices, synchrotron radiation optics and other sophisticated science applications. The wide variety of complex substrates makes NESSY the perfect choice for the development of novel applications and components.

Designed for unmatched thickness precision and uniformity

  • While the sputter source and the deposition process provide excellent stability, careful management of substrate movement is also of paramount importance. The substrate holder is designed to have a double planetary rotation system. The high-speed direct substrate rotation works in combination with a low-speed rotation around the chamber with programmable speed profiles. This allows a perfect adaptation to the various substrate geometries of the mirrors. 
  • For period layer thicknesses of 7 nm NESSY coaters are the tools to achieve unmatched subatomic uniformity values necessary in EUV optics for next generation photo lithography. 
  • The adjustable sputter distance allows the necessary flexibility for different substrate thicknesses.

Ultra-high vacuum pressure provides superior film quality
The highly sophisticated design and manufacturing of NESSY equipment allows for ultra-high vacuum pressure and therefore also for perfect stoichiometric film quality.