High-Speed Mixer Speedmix DFML

High-Speed Mixer Speedmix DFML – mixing of the highest precision.

- Top mixing precision
- High capacity
- Optimal sanitation
- Low maintenance required

Speedmix™ DFML batch mixer

The Bühler Speedmix DFML high-speed mixer is a high-capacity batch mixer for homogeneous intermixing of dry, free-flowing solids. It is mainly applied in grain processing industries such as feed and flour milling for mixing premixes and ready-made mixes. Depending on the specific nature of the product to be mixed and of the liquid, the Speedmix is capable of admixing up to 5 % liquids. The mixer is available in machine sizes ranging from 1000 and 10 000 liters. Flexibility and optimal mixing results
  • The Speedmix DFML ensures a high homogeneity of the product mixes in order to satisfy top quality standards. With a mixing ratio of 1:100 000, a variation coefficient (CV) between 2 and 5 % is achieved.
  • The optimized geometry of the mixing trough and the matching shape of the paddles reduce the mixing time to 90 seconds.
  • Twin discharge gates speed up product discharge to less than 10 seconds.

Top sanitation

  • The process-optimized mixing chamber – favorable ratio between the surface area and the volume – prevents product residues and thus contamination.
  • Mixing trough and mixing paddles can be quickly and easily cleaned.

Low maintenance

  • The mixing paddles of the Speedmix DFML and the split shaft seals are easy to replace.
  • The smart design of the wear parts significantly reduces the maintenance costs.