Magnetic Separator MMUA/W/D/P

Magnetic Separator MMUA/W/D/P – Increased safety in the production process.

- Maximum separation of metal particles
- High product safety
- Minimal cleaning required
- For pneumatic pressure conveying lines or gravity pipes

Magnetic Separators MMUA/W/D/P

The magnetic separators MMUA/W/D/P are employed for the removal of metal particles, e.g. nails, wire and screws. They are applied in the cleaning house or prior to milling in breweries, as well as in the processing of sugar. Magnetic separators are suited for flaky and powdery products such as bran and flour, as well as for granular materials. High magnetizing force for the optimal separation of metal particles.
The material stream is distributed evenly over the entire width of the apparatus and flows over a permanent magnet with a high magnetizing force. This allows for optimal removal of all metal particles at high throughput capacities – e.g. 15-350 t/h for wheat or 2.5-65 t/h for flour.

Efficient separation delivers a high level of product safety.

• The reliable separating effect of a magnetic separator guarantees the highest level of product and process safety – it eliminates metal particles from the material being processed.
• Another advantage resulting from superior separation: Potential machine wear during subsequent processing steps is significantly reduced.

Minimal maintenance requirements thanks to optimized design.

The unit's intelligent design and easy accessibility reduces the amount of maintenance required by the magnetic separator to a minimum:

• The permanent magnet, along with the metal particles clinging to it, can be easily lifted out during production – thus, cleaning and servicing can be carried out without interrupting the product flow.
• The machine's dust-tight, closed design reduces the amount of cleaning required and eliminates a potential source of dust and hazard.


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