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Loss-in-weight scale

The MSDH is a fully automatic loss-in-weight scale offering an unbeatable performance-price ratio. It is tailored to accurately dose a wide range of granular products and sets new benchmarks in operational safety and reliability.

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Key benefits

Maximized productivity and quality with minimal risk

Attractive and low-risk investment for long-term scales and flow balancers, bringing an unbeatable performance-price ratio.

Easy operation and maintenance

Low skill sets are required thanks to our user-friendly and simple operation principles in combination with minimized and self-explanatory maintenance.

Operational reliability

Bringing an unmatched degree of operational safety resulting from our established machine and process technology, and confirmed by 120 years of market-leading expertise.


Reliable to the core

The machine and process techniques applied on the MSDH offer an unsurpassed degree of operational safety and reliability gained from more than 120 years of market-leading know-how. These techniques are confirmed by more than 75000 installations, 3000 newly installed scales each year, and happy customers around the world.


The highest accuracy & repeatability with our time-proven machine controller

Receive high and repeatable accuracy with the combination of the Bühler machine controller, high-precision load cells, and paired with intelligent algorithms. With more than 4000 units per year on over 20 different machines, the machine controller is the most proven machine controller in the food & feed industry.

Ease of use

Efficient operation and maintenance

The simple-to-understand and operate user-interface makes life easy for any operation and maintenance team. With proven and robust machine operation, access operation free from down-time, and self-explanatory maintenance interactions to enable high-quality maintenance jobs even without specialist skillsets.


Safety at all levels

The MSDH has a robust and time-proven design plus the minimum number of moving parts to ensure a high degree of operational and human safety. Thanks to the implementation of the hygienic design and cleaning openings, safe food is ensured. Alongside the design features the solution comes with a full set of machine conformities and certifications to comply with international standards.

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