Long-Goods Pasta Stacker TAGD

Long-Goods Pasta Stacker TAGD – modular stacker for individual requirements and maximum storage flexibility.

- Flexible, individual storage and packaging
- Adaptable tier control
- Constant climate

Long-Goods Pasta Stacker TAGD

The height and length of Bühler's modular long-goods pasta stacker can be individually configured according to customer needs. Each of its tiers can be loaded or discharged independently as required, which allows the packaging process to be adapted to specific needs. The innovative ventilation system provides for a constant climate in the stacker via optimal air circulation. Modular design for storage and packaging according to customer needs
Because the stacker is based on a central modular principle, the height and length can be configured individually and the system can be adapted to the requirements of any given production environment.

Separate drives for flexible tier control
Separate drives enable flexible control of the stacker's various tiers. Thanks to the high capacity of the stick return conveyor, the stacker and dryer can be completely discharged.

Efficient climate control through optimal air circulation
Optimal air circulation inside the stacker guarantees a constant climate.


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