LEYBOLD OPTICS DLC precision optics vacuum coater

LEYBOLD OPTICS DLC precision optics vacuum coater –The diamond-like carbon coating tool

- Extremely environment-resistive and hard DLC coatings
- Outstanding layer uniformity
- High accuracy


LEYBOLD OPTICS DLC is a high-vacuum plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system for the application of anti-reflective (AR) coatings mainly used within infrared (IR) applications for thermal imaging systems. Industry leaders are using LEYBOLD OPTICS DLC equipment to protect optical equipment from damage by means of the extremely hard and environment-resistive optical coatings which are applied onto substrates within this machine. System design achieves extremely hard layer surfaces
  • The LEYBOLD OPTICS DLC system is designed for the production of diamond-like hard carbon (DLC) layer coatings for IR anti-reflection applications on germanium (Ge) and silicon (Si) substrates. 
  • Extremely hard DLC layers protect exposed optical surfaces and increase infrared transmittance.

Layer uniformity allows usage for low light applications
Based on the design of the gas shower, the process gases are distributed within the process chamber in an extraordinarily uniform manner. Thus, the growth of the layer film on the substrate is extremely accurate, which is the key for low-light applications such as night-vision devices, sensors for distance control or other applications where light in the IR wavelength is used.

In-situ optical monitoring system provides high accuracy

  • Requested accuracies on layer thickness and coating repeatability make it essential to constantly control the growth of the optical DLC films during the coating process. 
  • Bühler Leybold Optics’ proprietary, premium in-situ optical measuring system LEYBOLD OPTICS OMS 5100 ensures that the calculated and designed layer stacks will match the actual coating result on the finished product, while also maintaining the highest level of quality.