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Hydration solutions


Our JetMix hydration solutions allow you to hydrate flour (Hydration Module) and to produce uniform pre- and sourdoughs (Hydration System) - under industrial process conditions while increasing the quality of your end products.

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Key benefits

Improved end-product quality

JetMix increases the dough yield without impairing the processing characteristics and the machinability of the dough. This results in larger product volumes, faster fermentation periods, as well as longer freshness and shelf life of your bakery products.

Less mixing or kneading time, less energy

Depending on the formulation, JetMix reduces the mixing and kneading time by up to 50%, resulting also in energy savings. Fine and creamy pre- or sourdoughs can be created in seconds.

Highest standard hygienic design

The JetMix is completely constructed in stainless steel. Cleaning-in-place (CIP) is available as an option.

Highlight features

Process optimization

Continuous and uniform hydration

State-of- the-art micro-dosing technology enables dosing flour with unparalleled accuracy. Smoothly dispersed as a flour curtain, the individual particles are hydrated by a 360° water jet. The resulting dough can be processed directly, or is ready for fermentation as predough or sourdough.

Temperature monitoring and control

Reproducible, consistent quality

The system brings you precise temperature by adjusting the water temperature. The fully automatic feeding, mixing and cleaning process can be controlled and monitored by the process automation system – so you obtain a consistent and reproducible product quality every time.

With the JetMix technology, we are able to optimize the dough’s rheological properties.

Daniel Noack, Head of Production Jowa AG Gränichen, Switzerland

JetMix uses advanced micro-dosing technology to uniformly hydrate each wheat or rye flour particle, giving you the highest quality dough.

Using our global experience in the production of baked goods, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers help you to plan and implement and new technology to improve the quality, efficiency and safety for your production process.

Key topics

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