JetMix – Uniform hydration of floury products

- Continuous, uniform hydration of flour and floury products
- Hygienic design and remote-controlled CIP function
- Fast installation thanks to plug-and-play configuration


Due to their positive characteristics, bakeries are increasingly relying on pre- and sourdough for the production of artisanal-style products. Producing a uniform sponge dough under industrial process conditions, the JetMix solution brings artisanal product quality to large-scale bakeries. Dough quality on a handcrafted level.
Each flour particle is uniformly hydrated. Within seconds, a fine and creamy sponge dough is obtained – one of the secrets behind artisanal-style bakery products.

Continuous and uniform hydration.
State-of-the-art micro-dosing technology enables flour to be dosed with unparalleled accuracy. Smoothly dispersed as flour curtain, the individual particles are perfectly hydrated by a 360° water jet. The resulting dough can be processed directly, or is ready for fermentation as pre- or sourdough.

Reproducible, consistent quality.
Ensures optimal temperature control, even the slurry temperature can be controlled on the basis of the water added. The fully automatic mixing, feeding, maturing and cleaning process can be controlled and monitored by the process automation system – ensuring a consistent and reproducible product quality.

Hygienic design as standard.
Already the standard version stands out in terms of hygienic machine and process design and cleanability. The JetMix is completely constructed in stainless steel. Clean-in-place (CIP) is available optionally.

Modules  Hydration system (HS) JetMix  Hydration module (HM) JetMix
Application Predough, sourdough Final dough 
Dough yield 185 – 280  165 - 220 
Capacity Up to 6 t/h Up to 7 t/h

 * Based on wheat flour. Maximal capacity subject to dough yield, flour type/characteristics, formulation and plant design.

New: Hydration module (HM) for firm, not pumpable doughs. Suitable for dough yields of 165 and higher.

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