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Inline quality measuring system


QuaLiB solution to bring systematic analysis and quality characterization into continuous battery slurry production. Monitoring of important process parameters leads to a seamless interface to the coating process and improves inline quality monitoring.

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Key benefits

Interface for big data applications and digital twins

QuaLiB integrates big data and digital twin tech in battery slurry production, providing essential sensor data. This boosts transparency, allowing comprehensive data collection for describing cells and batteries based on measured slurry properties.

Improved understanding of the process

Immediate feedback empowers our customers to fine-tune the production process and produce slurry at peak efficiency.

Visualization of product properties

Real-time monitoring of the slurry properties during production provides constant oversight of the process, making it possible to respond quickly.

​​Bringing battery slurry production into the digital age.​

​​Real-time feedback​

​Real-time monitoring and visualization of product properties.

The real time, continuous feedback on the slurry properties during production allows for steady supervision of the process and fast reaction based on the measured process and product parameters. The direct feedback provided by the live visualization let the operators and supervisors judge product quality and process consistency in depth.

Reduce waste

Reducing waste, increasing productivity, and creating process understanding.

Automatic switching between production and waste based on quality criteria allows our customers to reduce waste and use the slurry from the first to the last drop. This increases productivity, for higher overall output or fewer operating hours and costs. Getting direct feedback helps optimize the production process and run slurry production with maximum efficiency.

​​Integrated solution​

Seamless system integration and cleaning procedures.

QuaLiB is integrated into the plant in both the software and hardware. Its additional back pressure regulator increases process stability at the extruder end plate. The integrated cleaning procedure allows fast and easy cleaning of the system. The cleaning concept can be extended to the adjacent piping, automatically handling cleaning with minimal operator intervention needed.

Integrated technologies

Creating the interface for big data applications and digital twins.

Introducing QuaLiB makes it possible to integrate big data and digital twin technologies into battery production by providing the necessary sensor data system information. This increases transparency throughout the whole production process and makes it possible to collect the data needed to fully describe cell batteries based on measured slurry properties.

Provides the full set of sensor information and quality characterization as well as integration into plant control system for all Bühler extruder sizes.

Building up on the basic system, the evaluated quality characteristics are used to automatically switch the directional control valve to the respective storage tank, fully automating handling of quality selection. Automatic generation of reports for campaigns, days or timespans spanning multiple days removes manual analysis efforts and consistently provides the required information.

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