Infrared machine IR

Infrared machine IR – optimal pretreatment of cocoa beans.

- Maximum yields
- Top-class product quality
- Suitable for all cocoa origins

Infrared machine IR

The yield of cocoa nibs that can be achieved is crucial for ensuring profitable cocoa production. The infrared machine IR has been especially designed for the optimal pre-treatment of cocoa beans of any origin prior to winnowing. It achieves a maximum yield of raw cocoa nibs for ensuring a top-class economical efficency. Maximum yields through ideal pretreatment. 
  • The application of infrared radiation allows fast and highly efficient pretreatment of cocoa beans. Flash evaporation of the cell moisture between the shells and the beans expands the shells and literally pops them off the bean surface. Thus pretreated, the downstream Bühler Barth winnowing system W can easily and most efficiently separate the shells, ensuring a maximum yield of cocoa nibs. 
  • The moisture content of the cocoa nibs remains all but unchanged during infrared pre-treatment – this guarantees a top yield in the separation of the shell from the nibs.

Top quality through prevention of roasting effects.
Ideal roasting is achieved with cocoa nibs which have not undergone any roasting effects during pretreatment of the cocoa beans. The fast and controlled infrared process of Bühler Barth ensures the best possible pretreatment of the beans by preventing any roasting or preroasting effects, since the temperature of 80 degrees Celsius is not exceeded in the cocoa beans and therefore not in the nibs, either.

Integrated water spraying system for efficient pretreatment.
The integrated water spraying system allows the moisture content of the cocoa beans to be exactly matched to the infrared treatment: Even the most difficult cocoa origins with a high shell content can thus be pretreated with maximum efficiency.


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