Indented cylinder LADB

Indented cylinder LADB – Sorting with absolute precision.

- Optimum cleaning
- Easy sample taking
- Flexible applications
- Infinitely adjustable settings

Indented cylinder LADB

The globally established Indented cylinder LADB is a sorting device which separates grain and other granular products by length. The different models are ideal for size separation applications. They are used for cleaning, sorting, seed processing and conditioning of various industrial products.

Optimum cleaning and sorting

  • Round and long grain separation and an optional additional post-separation stage produce high-precision cleaning and selection results.

Easy sample taking

  • An opening with a plastic cover allows samples to be taken at any time.

Modular design for up to 48 t/h

  • Large range of possible combinations to handle a variety of products.

Infinitely adjustable trough

  • Infinitely adjustable trough for adjusting the separation effect to every requirement.

Product groups

In the following you will find all our product groups in the field of Grain Quality & Supply:


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