High-compression PesaMill™ MDGA

High-compression PesaMill™ MDGA – Innovative grinding technology for maximum flexibility.

- High flexibility
- Maximum food safety
- Optimum energy efficiency
- Reduced operating costs
- Intelligent design 

High-compression PesaMill™ MDGA

The high-compression PesaMill™ has been specially developed for the production of various flour qualities including Atta flour, whole wheat flour for flat breads, dark flour and standard bakery flour. As part of a seamlessly integrated grinding system for producing flour, PesaMill™ sets new standards in terms of food safety, flexibility and energy. PesaMill™ is the key grinding component for both CombiMill and Atta flour processes.

High flexibility

PesaMill™ has a flexible grinding gap adjustment. Flour characteristics such as starch damage and water absorption can be conveniently and accurately adjusted using the circulation system and grinding gap adjustment. This allows a flexible production of various flour qualities.

Maximum food safety

PesaMill™ is made of food-safe materials and meets current sanitation requirements. The smart design makes it easy to clean, ensuring a high level of food safety.

Optimum energy efficiency

Two direct drives with motor and gearbox power the PesaMill™, contributing to energy-efficient operation and thus lower energy costs.

Reduced operating costs

PesaMill™ features durable, wear-resistant steel rolls. The high-compression mill minimizes plant downtime, increases productivity and allows reliable 24/7 operation.
After a power failure, the system can immediately be put back into operation – keeping product quality consistent.

Intelligent design

During the development of the high-compression mill, special attention was paid to designing a sturdy machine. This ensures safe and reliable operation, even under demanding production conditions.

High-compression PesaMill™ MDGA

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