HELIOS series of precision optics vacuum coaters

HELIOS series of precision optics vacuum coaters –The high-precision and high-yield platform for top-grade coating products

- PARMS process technology for precise control of very thin layers at atomic scale
- Extremely high process stability
- Co-sputtering for high and low refractive indices
- Benchmark setting laser coating performance

HELIOS series

Bühler Leybold Optics’ HELIOS series is a flexible platform for fast, precise and fully automated thin-film coating. It is designed and especially engineered for high-quality optical coatings featuring sophisticated filter designs to be achieved with high yield and high throughput. Extremely dense, smooth, stoichiometric and amorphous layers ensure unparalleled optical performance. The optical monitoring system for in-situ on-substrate measurements facilitates ultimate precision in layer thickness control. Outstanding productivity and layer quality
  • The state-of-the-art technology of plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering (PARMS) allows the deposition of dielectric coatings from metal targets, assisted by a radio frequency (RF) plasma source with a high deposition rate for high productivity which results in top grade products with high precision at atomic scale and high yield. 
  • During each rotation, a thin sub-stoichiometric oxide layer is deposited by the selected dual magnetron and transferred to a non-absorbing oxide layer while passing the oxygen plasma of the RF source. This method ensures lowest losses and perfect stoichiometry results – even when sputtering from metal targets.

Optical monitoring facilitates high production stability

  • Direct on-substrate in-situ optical monitoring is performed on an intermittent mode using a test glass at one of the substrate positions within the rotating turntable. This results in extremely high production stability and repeatability of the coating. 
  • The fast rotating turntable allows the production of very thin layers of a few nanometers and high accuracy. 
  • The ability to directly and quickly transfer the optical designs to production makes the HELIOS series the perfect match for high precision production for a large variety of filter designs.

Co-sputtering ensures realization of intermediate refractive indices
Co-sputtering enables the realization of any refractive index between the installed high and low index materials. Additionally, easier designs can be made for a number of applications, such as polarizing beam splitters, by using one or more optimum intermediate indices.

Benchmark setting laser damage thresholds for laser coatings
RF sputtering of low index SiO2 material combined with MF sputtering of high index material allows for the highest laser damage threshold values for laser coatings, low scattering and high reflectivity. A further illustration of how HELIOS coaters by Bühler Leybold Optics are setting the benchmark in laser coating performance.